Legal Requirements and Guidelines for public outdoors events in Henfield

This guidance is designed to provide organisers with an outline of what to consider and what arrangements need to be in place to organise a safe public event on public open space.

In particular, events to be held on Henfield Parish Council (HPC) land/ Henfield Parish Council managed land and Horsham District Council (HDC) Car Parks require an Event Permit

For additional help and advice please contact Henfield Parish Office  or use the Contact Us page

Helpful information is also available from Horsham District Council

Henfield Parish Council land 

• Kings Field
• Rothery Field
• Memorial Field
• Sandpit Field

Henfield Parish Council managed land

  • The village square in the High Street outside Hawthorns Vets
  • Henfield Common
  •  Broadmere Common
  •  Oreham Commo
  •  Tanyard


Organiser details A named person who has overall responsibility for the event
Public liability Insurance To ensure cover for any accident suffered by a member of the public at the events
Event permit This is mandatory for events to be held on HPC land or HDC Car Parks
Temporary Event Licence The following activities require a licence from
HDC under the Licensing Act 2005.
• Performing live music
• Recorded Music
• Dancing
• Providing facilities for making music or dancing
• Performance of a play
• Exhibition or a film
• Indoor sporting events
• Retail sale and supply of alcohol
Marshals (clearly identified) Required to monitor public safety and offer assistance
Food Hygiene certification

Required for any food and drink concessions



Risk assessment (mandatory when applying for
a HPC or HDC permit)
In order to be given permission to carry out an event from HPC or HDC you will need to
provide a written risk assessment to identify potential hazards connected with the event
and to list the mitigation put in place to avoid these hazards from occuring.
First Aid Depending on the size of the event First Aid should be provided by a identified qualified
person or for large events by HART/St John Ambulance
Litter bins Additional litter bins can be hired in advance from HDC. If additional litter is created as a
result of the event there may be a charge levied by Horsham District Council to pay for restoring the area to a clean and tidy state.
Toilets High Street public toilets are open Monday –Saturday 8am – 5pm. Any additional opening times should be requested from HPC
Signage You will need to apply to HPC to put Signs on the entry exit roads into Henfield
Lost child procedure With large crowds there should be a procedure for the safety of children who become
separated from their adult
Evacuation routes Depending on the event it may be necessary to identify how to evacuate the public as quickly as possible from the event in the case of an emergency. Access for Emergency Services should also be considered


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