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The Parish Council have been following up on issues raised at the Annual Parish Meeting and Local Plan consultation. Cllr Potts and WSCC Cllr Payne met with WSCC highways to discuss the proposed Sandgate Nurseries development and the impact on the volume of traffic, particularly at the Church Street junction with the High Street. The parameters are set by the National Planning Policy Framework and the Church Street junction does not meet the threshold that would result in WSCC highways raising any concerns or objecting to further housing development. The issue of parking on Craggitts Lane and Chestnut Way was also discussed. It was felt by WSCC highways that double yellow lines would just move the problem to another location, therefore no action would be taken. WSCC also had no further suggestions for the issue of parking outside One Stop. Councillors resolved that the main problem is lack of enforcement by Horsham District Council (HDC) for the double yellow lines and Sussex Police for the zig zags as well as inconsiderate parking.

 The Joint Commons Committee is being reformed in line with the new constitution at Horsham District Council. This will likely mean more input and involvement from their rangers.

Horsham District Council will be leaving an area in Deer Park to grow wild, only cutting it once a year. This Wildway project is part of the Nature Recovery Network and will be monitored by Horsham District Council.

The Children and Young People Committee have agreed to purchase an inclusive wheelchair accessible roundabout for the Kings Field Play Area and have been working with the Recreation and Open Spaces committee on further tree planting for the play area which is hoped will bring shade in the years to come. 

Horsham District Council News

Residents urged to recycle responsibly after discarded batteries cause vehicle fire

Bin Lorry FireHorsham District Council is urging residents to recycle responsibly following a recent fire caused by batteries in one of its waste collection vehicles.

The waste collection team were able to control the situation with fire extinguishers and return to Hop Oast depot, where the contents of the lorry was emptied. West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service attended the incident to ensure the fire was put out.

The Fire & Rescue crew identified a string of battery-operated lights which had likely been the cause of the fire. This was exacerbated by several other non-recyclable items which may have helped it to spread.

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Crackdown to combat highways littering in Horsham District

crackdown on litteringHorsham District Council is working in collaboration with Sussex Police, the Environment Agency and West Sussex County Council to carry out a major crackdown on highways littering in the Horsham District.

The Council and its partners have hosted enforcement days on local roads where they had previously witnessed litter and fly-tipping as a severe problem.

The Council currently faces an ongoing battle with litter being strewn on the roadside across the District.

The appearance of litter on roadsides is a blight on our environment and its clearance currently costs local taxpayers thousands of pounds a year.

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Council sets balanced budget for financial year 2024 to 2025

At a meeting of full Council on 21 February 2024 Horsham District Council councillors agreed to set the Council’s financial and capital budget for the coming financial year which starts in April 2024.

Despite the effects of high levels of inflation over the last two years, which have increased gross costs by some £3.5 million, the Council is still on course to deliver a balanced budget for the financial year 2024/25.

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Help to support this year’s Great British Spring Clean
15 to 31 March 2024

Keep Britain Tidy are calling on thousands of volunteers from across the UK to join together and show some love for our favourite outdoor places in their annual litter campaign, the Great British Spring Clean. Horsham District Council is backing this campaign and is calling on your help to please spread the word about this to help improve the environment on our doorstep. This is particularly important now that we are facing an ongoing battle with litter being strewn on the roadsides across the Horsham District.

How the Council is supporting the campaign
Horsham Dsitrict Council can help volunteers by providing equipment such as litter sticks and bin bags. We are doing this through the Waste and Recycling team’s Adopt A Street initiative which is celebrating its 9th anniversary this year and now has the enthusiastic support of hundreds of volunteers across the District. These are volunteers who take pride in their neighbourhood and are happy to take ownership of the issues around litter in their area.

West Sussex County Council News

Ash Dieback in your Community

Euroforest has been instructed under competitive tender to carry out ongoing works on behalf of West Sussex County Council to deal with Ash Dieback within the area. Management of woodland within communities is essential in order to preserve and maintain healthy trees. As most parts of the country are now experiencing the impact of ash dieback, and the widespread decline of ash trees is expected to continue, it is important that the effects of the disease are planned and managed in a safe manner. Euroforest has undertaken a programme of work for WSCC which could last for several years. Often these trees are close to roads, railways, buildings and public footpaths therefore this work is risk-assessed, monitored and managed to the highest standard.

Ash Dieback is a fungal disease affecting the common ash tree, caused by a fungus native to eastern Asia. First identified in 2012, it is likely that it has been present since at least 2005. Ash trees make up 12% of Great Britain’s broadleaved woodland, and are often found in parks, gardens, hedgerows and roadside margins. The severity of the disease varies as local conditions can determine how ash trees are affected. Infection can lead to leaf loss and dead branches throughout the crown and clumps of new growth towards the centre of the crown. In areas of high infection the fungus can cause lesions at the base of the tree, making it more susceptible to secondary infections. For private landowners’ liability, advice for land managers and to read more please use this link:

Managing ash dieback in England - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

Minimum Disruption

As this work involves specialised Arboriculture machinery and vehicles a road management plan is put in place for each site, and any disruption to residents is kept to a minimum whilst maintaining the highest health and safety standards.

Community Engagement

Whilst every effort is made to replace felled trees, it is important to choose species to suit the current site conditions, and to reduce the impact of future diseases. Euroforest and WSCC are keen to involve voluntary groups where feasible to discuss sustainable replanting projects.

Green Energy Initiatives

Any timber that is raised from our sites is transported to the Kent Renewable Energy Biomass plant to help generate green electricity. You can find out more here: Kent Renewable Energy Ltd – powering a renewable future (kentrenewableltd.com)

Contact details:

EuroforestARB@euroforest.co.uk WSCC - Ash dieback - West Sussex County Council

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