Volunteers needed to help with Habitat Surveys

The communities of plants and animals determine the natural character of our local area -  streams, woodlands and flowers etc
We need a basic understanding of this  natural character in a particular area for a broader environmental debate

Conducting a Phase 1 habitat survey is one of the first steps in taking action to conserve our local environment

Why have a survey?
• to help local people get to know the Parish, 
• to share knowledge which already exists amongst local people and of any specialist surveys, 
• to provide local information for the Parish Council  as well as other local organisations 
• to provide an up to date record of the Parish to compare with past maps and help plan for the future. 

A Phase 1 Habitat survey was conducted by Henfield Birdwatch in 2003 and we are now looking to update it 

We need a few volunteers to conduct a Phase 1 Habitat survey during 2021 – approx. 

Different areas may need to be surveyed at different times e.g Woodland in Spring, Grassland in Summer

There is a precis process and training  will be provided
Specific areas will be allocated to surveyors
Note  - surveys are all undertaken from footpaths and bridleways not on private land

If you are interested please email Henfield Parish Council office@henfield.gov.uk or use the Contact Us on this web site
We need your name and contact details and if you have done this type of survey before

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