Henfield Community Response to the Cost of Living Crisis

Many local community groups, businesses, individuals, residents’ groups, churches and other Henfield organisations have been asking how we can work together to support everyone through the energy crisis and the surge in the cost of living we are all experiencing.

Henfield Parish Council and Henfield Community Partnership support this initiative, but it is not a job for one organisation. It is a community-wide issue which will affect us all in different ways…

So how we can all find local ways to help our friends and neighbours through what might be a difficult winter?

How can we share ideas and co-ordinate our response?

How can we make sure we are not duplicating existing services and facilities?

How can we make sure people know what is there to help them?

What are the issues in Henfield, and how can we match them to solutions?

How can we make the best use of Henfield’s wonderful community spirit?

If you would like to be part of this discussion, or would like to volunteer or offer ideas and expertise, please come to a meeting on 2nd November at 7.30pm in The Henfield Hall Garden Room.

All are welcome.

We expect to explore:

  • Setting up small neighbourhood groups
  • Warm Rooms- places for people to keep warm and save on heating
  • Donate the Rebate… for those who can afford to and wish to
  • Community Food Bank/ spare food sharing/gardening
  • Saving money on food and energy bills

ALSO: Horsham District Council is organising a Community Drop in on Wednesday 16th November 10am-12 noon where you can talk to advisers about your individual concerns.


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