When they reopen after lockdown you will notice some significant improvements in two of our important community buildings.

After some negotiations Henfield Parish Council were able to identify just over £45,000 of funds originating from housing developments in the village which were then shared 50/50 between Henfield Hall and Henfield Leisure. As a result together with their own fund raising efforts and volunteer support two really important projects have been completed over the summer months.

Henfield Hall had been suffering badly from a leaking roof for a number of years. These repairs as can be seen from the attached photographs have now been completed and with a new water tight roof in place a team of volunteers supported by local businesses have been able to refurbishment the main hall including new ceilings and LED lighting.

The floor in the main hall of Henfield Leisure Centre was reaching the end of its useful life. With help from this funding the floor has now been replaced with a smart new one as can be seen from the attached photographs. We have also managed to resurface the Leisure Centre Car Park during the summer whilst it was closed to the public.

Let’s hope that we can all enjoy these improved facilities soon. We would like to thank Horsham District Council, Persimmon Homes, and our own Parish & District Councillors for working together to secure this funding and to congratulate the Hall & Leisure Centre Committees and their volunteers on delivering the significant improvements to their buildings during these challenging times.

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