Henfield Cemetery
Church Street, Henfield

(The entrance is through the Lych Gate opposite Church Lane)

Managed by Henfield Parish Council

Lych Gate

In 1884 The Parochial Church Council took out a loan to purchase a new burial ground because the churchyard at St Peter's Parish Church, Henfield had become full.

The southern part of the cemetery opened in 1885 and in 1894 the first Henfeld Parish Council was elected. The Council took over the administration of the cemetery, and has continued to do so since that time.

Many famous people have lived in Henfield through the ages, and in modern times have been buried in the new cemetery.  These include Prince Littler, the theatre impresario, and Judge Block who famously sentenced Mick Jagger for a drugs offence.  Also in the cemetery is Arthur Reed Ropes, better known under his pseudonym Adrian Ross, who was a lyricist for the British stage from the 1890s to the 1930s. 

Immediately north of the Cemetery is an area of land which has been designated as an extension of the Cemetery.  The area is yet to be consecrated, but a hedge has been planted around the boundary and, when mature, will integrate the area into the existing Cemetery.  This will take several years and in the meantime the area will remain unavailable for burials.

For more information, please click HERE for the general Cemetery leaflet and you can see the Fees & Regulations by clicking HERE. If you have further queries please contact the Clerk at the Parish Office: 01273 492507 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.